As with Miwok, Morgan’s rescue was not one that was planned. We already had FOUR coyotes in one small habitat. We got the call and email the day before Easter 2013 that a man had what he thought was a wolf pup. It had been dropped in the road by its mother in the middle of a move. He spotted it and waited to see if she would come back and, when she didn’t, he picked up the tiny pup and took it home to try and save.


At first he was doing okay with the puppy formula, but then the man began to realize he had something on his hands that probably needed a license (both coyotes and wolves require a Class II Captive Wildlife license in Florida) and his fiancée had become very ill. He could no longer care for the wee guy.


Nancy and Deanna agreed to meet him at another volunteer’s house in Port Charlotte to check out the pup and pick him up on Easter Sunday. His eyes were barely open so we estimate he was three weeks at the time. It’s lucky for Morgan we got him when we did as he was impacted from the formula and anemic from fleas. Our vet had his work cut out for him the next day and so did we!


When it came time to name him, we decided to name him after a very special girl, Morgan Lillard, who had suffered an unimaginable loss of her younger sisters in a fire. We were told the one thing that would get her to smile was learning about wolves. We can’t wait for the first Morgan to come and visit her namesake some day!


Morgan now lives his friend and wolfdog, Anna. The two of them do not like to interact with people but we are happy that they have each other to run around and play with! It is very important that we always respect animals’ space and their boundaries. Morgan has showed us throughout his years, that he does not like to interact with people anymore and we completely respect that. We enjoy watching Morgan and Anna play together!