Not that any of our rescues are ever “planned”, Miwok’s was even more “unplanned” than most. We had just taken two male coyotes (Canis Latrans) into Shy Wolf Sanctuary with the intention of them being companions to Girly. We definitely were not looking for another coyote, given the small habitat and lack of room to expand, but when CROW called Nancy with his sad story of abandonment and no hope, she could hardly refuse to help.


He was a little younger, a little smaller, and all alone when he arrived at the sanctuary. Initially upon introduction it seemed to be working out okay…at least we weren’t seeing any major problems. However, as all of the coyotes reached maturity they began to pick on Miwok. It was obvious that Girly had made her choice and she was bonding with Baya and Yutu. That left Miwok hiding in a den or sitting on a shelf in a converted bird house.


There will always be coyotes in need, every spring pups get abandoned somehow, and we eventually took in Morgan. Miwok and Morgan seem to get along for the most part. Moving the other three out and Morgan into the original habitat has allowed Miwok to have more freedom and he’s even seeming to enjoy it by being seen out and about more…no longer the “shelf coyote.”

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