Mia came to Shy Wolf Sanctuary in 2008 when she was about 18 months old. She had been purchased by a couple as an inside dog from a known breeder. The owners started contacting the breeder to take her back when she was just 6 months old as they realized she was not quite what they had in mind for an inside companion dog. Their previous wolfdog had been a very low content and social animal and they were in over their heads.


Mia was very shy of strangers. They had only a 4′ fence, could not leave her at a boarding kennel to travel anywhere and could not leave her unsupervised in a house, so they were crating her during the day. Only a very few close family or friends could interact with her. The breeder was willing to take Mia back, but had concerns about her shyness and their ability to work with her long term. Shy Wolf Sanctuary decided to take Mia in originally as a companion for Yuki, a young male we had recently rescued from a shelter in Broward County.


Mia and Yuki got along, but were not extremely close, more just roommates. Mia started showing an interest in another rescue that came after her (Koda) during her daily walks. When Koda was medically cleared and moved to a permanent enclosure it was decided to match up Mia and Koda. It has worked out amazingly well and Mia has gradually become more outgoing and even affectionate to some of our volunteers. Mia’s paperwork states she is 72% wolf and she displays the “wolfier” traits in that she is very timid and shy, has an extremely narrow chest, flat forehead, lean build and large feet. Very little about her looks “doggy” other than her larger-than-normal (for a wolf) ears and her facial markings.


Our big Koda bear passed in the summer of 2016 and we were pleased Mia accepted Jasper. Mia resided with Jasper until January 2017, when we moved her in with Cree and Saia. She still loves to go for her walks around the perimeter!

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