Loki was sold as a 50% wolf/shepherd wolfdog puppy through Craigslist in Miami… supposedly. Transported by the young owner (just out of high school) to North Carolina where she and Loki moved in with her Air Force boyfriend, only to leave him and the dog within two weeks. Due to his military obligations, he couldn’t care for the pup. His family transported Loki back to Florida and contacted Shy Wolf Sanctuary.


Upon hearing this story and seeing the photos, we immediately agreed to take Loki in as an emergency rescue. He’s a sweet puppy, a bit mouthy as all pups are… and we hope that he continues to be as outgoing and happy as he is now. His vet appointment went well and we hope he decides to become one of our ambassadors. No matter what, we know he’ll receive lots of love and attention from our volunteers and guests! After a nice introduction to Jena, we moved Loki in with her and they enjoy playing with each other! Next introduction was Raven, and the three formed a family. Jena and Raven will teach Loki how to be a good wolfdog.


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