We were contacted about Lakota at a time when we had a need for a young male companion for one of our female wolves. He was just two years old and had already experienced a lot in life. As a pup he was rescued from a bad breeder situation in which he was being kept in a dark and dirty crate. Lakota’s “mom and dad” were searching for a pup, but thought they were getting a different one. They showed up to look at this young scared boy and realized he was the same one another breeder had told them about…one that was very scared of everyone and everything. They couldn’t leave him in that situation and immediately took him home, got him neutered and vaccinated, and loved him a lot.


There came a day, however, when Lakota’s human dad was hospitalized and someone left the gate open. Being shy still and somewhat fearful of all things unknown, he ran out of the fenced yard and was on the loose for about three weeks. A lady eventually befriended him and was able to get him into her yard, even getting close enough to read his tag and call his “dad” to come and get him. Still unable to go, Lakota’s human “mom” went and picked him up. She took him home where he was glad to be with his four and two legged siblings.


Despite their relief at having him home, Lakota’s humans realized that there might be a better situation for a boy as special as him; one in which he could run and play safely with another wolf or wolfdog and where all of the people would understand his shyness. Upon contacting Shy Wolf Sanctuary, Lakota’s human parents drove him a long way across the state to Naples, arriving after dark, but still determined to “approve” his new home. Their diligence in checking out our animals and facility, their commitment to Lakota, and their love of this very special boy was obvious and appreciated. Lakota became Chatima’s full time companion and then enjoyed being with Julie until she passed in 2017.  Namid had recently lost her partner and we were so pleased that she and Lakota instantly loved each other. He wins over all of the girls with his beautiful golden eyes!



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