Koa was rescued in November 2019.  He was being called a pit bull/wolf mix. We simply didn’t “see” wolf in him but decided to take him in, due to his life being threatened. As it turns out, Koa is exactly as claimed with a couple of other breeds thrown in the pot as well. APBT is the primary breed with wolf content at 21%.


His original name was Loverboy, which tells you all you need to know about his personality and attitude towards people. He’s other-dog friendly, to the ones we’ve tried, but is cat-aggressive. Cats are what got him in trouble, because he was breaking off the chain in the trailer park to chase and kill them.


Koa would prefer a relatively quiet home but could be someone to go along for a hike or ride. He’s eager to be inside and would love to sleep in bed with his new family. If you’re looking for someone to just hang out with you, Koa is your boy!


We would consider foster or adopter at this point, as a good deal of his time is currently in a kennel and this boy just wants to be inside. He’s not shown any desire to destroy items. He’s house trained and loves to lounge on the bed all day.


We are contacted daily about animals in need, so if Koa isn’t the one for you, we may know of another that would be. Click here to learn about our adoption process or send an email to request your application!