Jewel is a wolfdog who was originally pulled from a shelter in Ohio. She was at another facility for several years. All Jewel did was pace and pace…and for good reason!treasure


We were told that things were not good at that other facility. Photos and reports of animals being shot were leaked to other rescuers.


Eventually, the other facility was forced to shut down and remaining animals were sent to rescues. Jewel and her companion left together, but it took several hours for her to be caught up because she was so terrified of everyone.


Jewel had a couple of companions since coming to Shy Wolf Sanctuary. Both were older and both felt it was all about them…so Jewel still hung back and didn’t seek attention. After losing Bear, we tried Jewel in with Luna and Yiska and it was working out quite nicely. We separated them at dinner time, but otherwise they got along, with the two girls even “sunbathing” together on top of Luna’s house!


Then along came Treasure! He was a wolfdog in danger of being put down at a Florida shelter. It was decided that we would rescue him and evaluate him for adoptability, with a backup plan that we could introduce him to Jewel. He seemed like a good candidate for Ambassador work, based on the shelter staff’s report of his temperament and behavior.


Treasure has won over the hearts of both Jewel and Luna in the short time he’s been here. Luna now is eager to go out for walks and Jewel is finding the courage to approach volunteers, even allowing some a quick “pet”.

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