Jena was running loose for at least 6 weeks that we know of in Sumter county, Florida.  Kim Kapes of In Harmony with Nature got the initial call from the county asking for help.  A group was finally able to capture Jena, but Kim’s sanctuary was full.  Since In Harmony with Nature partners with us on rescue, she called us to take her…and we did!


Jena has been very shy and does warm up to you with her sweet disposition. We introduced her to Lakota and Julie, and they welcomed her into their pack. Jena has decided she wants to be the boss, so we moved her in with Jasper and they enjoy being together. After a bit, Jasper and Jena decided not to get along. After a nice introduction to Loki, we moved Loki in with her and they enjoy playing with each other! Next introduction was Raven, and the three formed a family. Jena and Raven will teach Loki how to be a good wolfdog.

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