In mid-summer 2015, Founder Nancy Smith was contacted by a couple who were seeking advice on rearing a wolfdog puppy they had purchased in North Carolina. The pup loved their shepherds, but they were already the third home for it (due to a failed prior sale) and the pup had been through a lot. The couple loved the little guy, but they were quickly realizing that they were in over their heads. Then they learned they were expecting a human baby.


That’s when Shy Wolf received the call asking us to take in the pup and give him a forever home. Of course Nancy said YES and they drove the youngster down the next week. We took him to our vet immediately for a health check, vaccines and fecal exam. He was also scheduled for his neuter and a hip x-ray due to concerns over his development and diet. He appeared to have some leg issues going on, but what we found we really need to be concerned about is an enlarged kidney! We’ve never encountered this before so there will be more testing down the road to determine the best course of action.


Our primary focus after that became finding him a “family” as every puppy needs to have direction and company. That was more challenging than Nancy had originally hoped as one pair after another seemed to take issue with Jasper. After several attempts with different groups, Maraya and Misun were found to at least be tolerant, if seemingly indifferent. That didn’t last long, however, as Jasper has all of the submissive body language one could hope for and let them know he was there to play and only wanted a big brother and sister. It was a great feeling seeing the two older wolves chase and play with young Jasper in the largest enclosure we have on the property. We couldn’t have asked for a happier ending…     or beginning!


Jasper moved in with Mia when we lost Koda summer 2016.  They get along quite well and we enjoy watching this long-legged puppy grow into his own. At the beginning of 2017, Jena moved in with Jasper and Mia moved in with Cree and Saia, since she and Saia enjoyed living together at an earlier time. After a bit, Jasper and Jena decided they didn’t get along, so Jasper moved in with Crystal. Crystal and Jasper got along for a while and Koti moved in with Bogie in January 2018. Destiny arrived at the sanctuary July 2018 and Jasper instantly proclaimed his interest in her. She liked him too so they moved in together.



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