Indy is one of three pups seized by Fish & Wildlife Commission in 2005 due to the conditions in which they were found.  She is the only female and is the least social of the three.  This group is interesting in many ways.  They were born three different colors (white, grey, and black) which is a sign of in-breeding as wild wolves are generally all born dark and lighten as they mature.


Indy was black as a pup but has phased early to a lighter color with lots of grey.  This group of pups shows us that, like humans, animals are born with their personality.  All three pups were acquired at 3 weeks of age, handled daily, raised the same and bottle fed.  Tien loves to interact with people, even strangers.  Chocowa is the middle of the road guy that will warm up to people quickly but is definitely less outgoing than Tien.  Indy is very timid of strangers, takes a while to warm up to volunteers, but loves you once she knows you.


We decided to move Tien and Indy into their own enclosure so that Tien could socialize with guests without being reprimanded every time he re-entered the pack and Indy could relax and not worry about Julie chasing her.  Indy has settled into her new enclosure nicely and is even coming closer to the lockout and guests.  She’s not quite gotten up the nerve to approach strangers, but she is definitely curious and closely inspects Tien when he returns to the enclosure to see who he’s met.********


Indy is our happy girl, though she is now blind. Sadly, both her brothers Chocowa and Tien have passed.


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