Hollie (formerly Hallow)



Hallow arrived on 09/27/19 but has since been renamed Hollie by our Founder, after a volunteer who passed.  This sweet girl came from our friend Jessika known on social media as @JuniperFoxx.  Jessika rescued her from a Kentucky shelter and had a special bond with this girl. Once Hallow got comfortable in her new setting she started to show aggressive behavior towards other dogs.  This is a fairly common trait in dogs with high prey drives like the Northern breed mixes.  It would take a special owner and situation to keep Hallow as a companion animal and make sure that she and all other animals are safe.  Because we’ve been rescuing, providing sanctuary and adopting out wolfdogs for so long, Jessika knew Shy Wolf was the right place to bring Hallow.


We were very excited that we were able to take her in! Shy Wolf stays pretty full most of the time but losses due to age and illness gave us the flexibility to assist in this situation.  Hollie has adjusted to her new life with us and loves to run around with her squeaky toys!


She is one beautiful wolfdog and we are blessed to have her with us.