Girly came to Shy Wolf Sanctuary at about eight months of age from a wildlife rehab.  Girly was found as a young pup floating in a river with the umbilical cord still attached and originally was named Ms. Growly Pants for her habit of growling, even when her eyes were still closed.  Unable to locate a mother Coyote, she was brought to the wildlife re-habber then thankfully to Shy Wolf where she could be taken care of properly.


It was the intent to rehabilitate Girly and release her back into the wild. However, she formed a bond with the owner of the rehab and several of their animals while being bottle fed.  Because her natural fear of humans was gone, the wildlife rehab knew they could not release her, and that is when Shy Wolf Sanctuary was contacted to rescue Girly.


While coyotes are not typically “pack” animals, Girly had been living and socializing with the rehabber’s dogs and cats and seemed lonely and stressed after coming to Shy Wolf Sanctuary. We decided to rescue a couple of companion coyote boys when there were so many stranded in the spring of 2012. Girly, Baya and Yutu resided together in the enclosure we modified by topping it in an effort to give them more room….until they decided they wanted their own enclosures.

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