This adorable pair of siblings are exemplative of the melanistic red fox, a naturally occurring color variation in the Red Fox. This variation was highly desired at one time during the height of the fur industry for coats, stoles, and other popular fashion. We know that you’ll agree with us when we say that their fur looks much better on them than it would on any human! George and Gracie were rescued by a woman in the Florida panhandle who wanted to help them to a better situation, but really wasn’t prepared to raise and keep foxes. She posted her desire to rehome them to social media and, somehow, our volunteers and supporters learned of the pair and their need.


Founder Nancy Smith felt very strongly that our other “Siberian” fox, Milo, was lonely since his companion Dickens (Arctic Fox) passed a few months ago. She’d been keeping her eyes out for an opportunity to provide Milo with a companion and finally one presented itself. Milo is much older than George and Gracie so we hope he will accept them and that they will respect their elder. Steps are in progress for a gradual introduction. The existing fox enclosure is more than large enough for the three of them and we hope that it will be a smooth transition.


Gracie’s personality is more outgoing and playful with people while George hangs back and observes you first. He will play and both will demonstrate the fox “pounce” during their play time, but he’s a lot more restrained.

George is probably going to be the one hanging out and snoozing during the day with Milo while Gracie is running the group and staying on top of everyone and everything passing or going on around her.

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