The first time we met Dreamer she was very shy about coming up and we could tell that she had “something” wrong with her eye.  We couldn’t get close enough to tell what it might be and the owner said he’d had it checked out.  He claimed to have “rescued” her from someone that kept her in a small enclosure in her own feces.  He had a bigger enclosure, but we were there to help build an even larger area that would allow him to become Fish & Wildlife Conservation licensed.  In his indubitable “wisdom”, the owner took down his secure inner enclosure THE FIRST NIGHT after the larger perimeter was done.  Needless to say, Dreamer went exploring and found an easy escape.


That’s when we got the call…did we possibly have a secure enclosure to put her in for awhile, since this person was already having trouble with his neighbors?  Deanna went over and spent two hours helping to corral Dreamer again, as he had released her into the larger area, despite knowing it wasn’t secure.


Once we got her to a secure enclosure, it was obvious the eye injury had been a long term problem.  We arranged for our vet to look her over the very next day.  Dr. Eisel advised that it was Entropian Eye, in which the lid folds under due to extra skin and the hairs irritate the eye.  It was a simple “fix” and should have been done when she was spayed.  Right about then the owner called and said he’d decided to give up all the dogs and he was sending Dreamer to a breeder who had someone to adopt her…eye problem and all.  We convinced him to release her to us as we needed a companion for Tiberius and felt she would be a good candidate.  Regardless, we didn’t want her going somewhere else with her eye untreated.  He consented and we arranged for surgery the next day.


Dreamer immediately felt better and became an outgoing and loving girl.  For the first time in her life she was PAIN FREE – at nearly four years old!  She’s a good girl and has been out to events as an ambassador.  We might even consider her “adoptable” if she didn’t have a penchant for escaping.  As soon as she was released into her brand new exercise yard with Tiberius she started digging and pushed the rebar apart, squeezing through.  Needless to say, there aren’t many “normal homes” or yards that would be able to contain this HOUDINI.  We managed to foil her and she hasn’t found another escape route…yet.  It would appear our volunteers plan to keep her from escaping by helping her pack on the weight…whatever works!  Tybe and Dreamer are a great pair that play and run.  She is very tolerant of his antics and knows how to draw the line when he gets a little out of hand.



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