While we don’t know too much about Dancer’s early years, we do know she is a favorite of many of our volunteers.   Dancer is a very affectionate animal who is always happy and very glad to see those people she knows.


Dancer came to us from a private rescuer who told us that Dancer had been living with a woman who traveled all the time. Instead of leaving her at home or boarding her, the woman decided to take Dancer with her. Unfortunately, because Dancer could not go on the appointments with her owner, the woman tied Dancer to the bed while she was gone on business. Dancer became very unhappy and as we can see now, needed someone to spend time with her. The woman ended up contacting the rescuer, threatening to take Dancer to Animal Control if she didn’t take her. The rescuer didn’t understand that Dancer’s attempts to get into the house or grab her arm were desperate cries for attention.


She loves to just get as close as she can to you, rubbing her head on yours and giving great kisses. She loves attention. Dancer lived with Viggo, a very shy wolfdog, who was picked up as a stray. After Viggo passed late 2016, we introduced her to Rebel and she fell in love with him! Rebel was a house dog the first ten years of his life, so Dancer is teaching him how to howl and be an ambassador for Shy Wolf Sanctuary.

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