Cree was seized by Fish & Wildlife Conservation (FWC) in 2009 due to neglect and not having the appropriate licenses to own a wolf.  He was less than a year old, very thin, and extremely shy.


The original plan was to hold him safely until FWC could gain ownership through the court systems and then transfer him to another facility out of state that had been previously approved. During the month of rehab, Cree made great strides in his health and trusting our volunteers.


One of the volunteers brought his very friendly Catahoula, George, in to play with Cree and show him how to have fun.  Cree learned that he could begin to trust people again and started coming up to our volunteers.  We contacted FWC and the other facility and arranged for Cree to stay permanently at Shy Wolf Sanctuary.


Cree lived with Precious Lady until she crossed in early 2016. Cree now lives with Mia and they seem to love each other.

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