Commonly referred to as “Singers” by those who know them, the New Guinea Singing Dog (NGSD) is widely considered to be one of the rarest canines in the world. With only two possible sightings in the wild, one being confirmed, there are an estimated 17 left in the wild. So how did Shy Wolf Sanctuary come to rescue two such rare canids? Clara (formerly known as Luna but we had a wolfdog by that name already) were surrendered to a shelter in Texas by their owner. It turns out that there has been a strong effort to breed these animals in captivity, albeit mostly in private hands and not zoos.


It is believed that most of the singers are ultimately descended from a pair in an Australian zoo. DNA tests are done prior to breeding to try and ensure as much diversity as possible within the ones remaining. Originally classified as Canis hallstromi, it has been reclassified several times as Canis lupus dingo, and now Canis dingo familiaris. There are not many efforts at conserving this wild canid of Papua New Guinea off the coast of Australia. They are generally considered a subspecies of the dingo, and the dingo is widely killed and terrorized facing its own possible extinction within our life time.


Clara was estimated to be 7yo intact female at the time of her transfer to us in November 2017. Singers don’t bark, but make a unique howling sound not quite the same as a wolf howl. Clara and her companion Hunter are being housed at our Executive Director’s home since she had an extra kennel and big yard. Shy Wolf Sanctuary stays full to capacity, but it is our hope that the Singers will be able to visit and even become ambassadors if their temperament and personalities permit. Our priority is always the comfort of the animals.

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