In early summer of 2010, Shy Wolf Sanctuary was able to provide a home to four, 3-week old pure wolf puppies born “accidentally” at another facility. We gladly welcomed Misun (the only male), Maraya (the only black one), Chatima, and Namid. When the pups were about 3 months old, they contracted an unknown condition which put their lives in jeopardy. After a lengthy stay at the animal hospital, blood transfusions, and many vet bills, they emerged as happy, friendly pups that couldn’t get enough attention from our volunteers.


In the beginning, they lived in our spacious isolation enclosure but after some time passed, and they grew bigger, we found it increasingly difficult to visit them. They literally very lovingly “attacked” anyone who entered the area. It was quite a sight to see all four pups mauling volunteers with hugs and kisses. It was at this time we decided they needed adult supervision to calm them down. They were split into pairs and placed with adult wolves and wolfdogs that have done a great job in teaching the youngsters how to live as wolves in captivity.


It is at this time we are starting to see different personalities emerge. They began taking on some of the characteristics more normal to mature wolves. They have all become a bit cautious, a typical wolf trait, but “Chatty” has maintained a curious, but friendly disposition and will roll over at any time for a good tummy rub…for volunteers she knows. Chatima is known to be the number one thief at the sanctuary as she will steal whatever she can from you!


None of the pups wanted to continue their outreach ambassador work as they matured and it took us nearly three years of moving them around and pairing them up to find what works. All of the pups ended up in pairs instead of packs, either because they were being picked on or they were challenging their elders. Chatima has lived with a few different companions throughout the years, and she now lives with her brother Misun.