It’s official…Caleb has found his forever family!  It was instant love, especially with his new Husky brother Gator. He’s loving life hanging with Gator and having fun on the water.





Shy Wolf Sanctuary was first contacted about Caleb and his situation by a caring neighbor. He was living his life on a chain and did get walked around for a short period daily, but the neighbor felt that was no life for any dog…let alone a wolfdog. We had to tell her that the owner would need to be willing to work with us and surrender the dog for us to assist in rehoming him. It took a few more months for Caleb’s owner to finally face the stark realization that he was unable to provide the best life for the animal he loved. He had a 4’ fence and was chaining Caleb to keep this tall boy from simply walking over the top of it. Our founder Nancy Smith and another volunteer made a point to stop in Brooksville, FL as soon as we learned the owner was willing to surrender Caleb. Having a foster home lined up with a previous adopter, we were anxious to get Caleb safely transitioned to a bigger yard with the potential of a companion and opportunity to become a house dog. That first night we realized his collar was fit too tightly and and the next day he tested positive for hook worms. He was otherwise healthy and we were able to get him into the foster home immediately. Caleb goes for daily runs at with his foster family and has done so well that he is now ready to find his forever home.

Before Caleb’s Forever Home:


From Caleb’s foster Dad:

Caleb is approximately a 6 year old neutered male wolfdog. From his looks he has a bit of Husky in him. He is a sweet curious gentle dog, walks well on a leash and especially likes runs and bike rides. He is house trained and a pleasure to have around. He does not chew or do anything destructive within the home. He gets along with other dogs as well. The ideal candidate must understand the physical needs of Caleb.  Since he has been with us he has been either walking, running or biking between two and four miles four to five times a week.  He loves exercise. Due to his history and past owners, he is still a little easily startled and cautious of people. He is not able to be off leash without a fenced in area. He does not respond to voice commands while off leash, but does very well on a leash. He has a natural curiosity for the world around him.


Caleb is a wonderful dog that you cannot help but fall in love with and he needs to be adopted by someone who is very active. Anything else would not be fair to Caleb. This boy has been through a lot in his short life and he deserves to find his forever home.

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