Bogie is a star, in more ways than one, so naming him after a famous movie star seemed only appropriate. His past is a mystery, but he wandered into the yard of a Miami man in November of 2017. Because he wanted company of the man’s dogs, Bogie hung out for a week with nothing keeping him there. The gate was wide open but yet he stayed. They were able to recognize him as a wolfdog and put video online trying to find his owners. With more than 30,000 views, no one came forward. Rescue was contacted and Shy Wolf Sanctuary heard about his situation. Our founder Nancy Smith and Executive Director Deanna Deppen jumped in the van the very next day, extremely concerned about the foot he was favoring for more than a week. Leaving very early in the morning, they found their way to the Miami location.


The man and his daughter were able to get close enough to Bogie to leash him, by using one of their dogs…that’s how much he wants a companion. We were able to crate him and rushed him directly to our vet in Naples. X-rays and thorough exam showed no fracture. There was a strong odor from the foot and when we shaved the hair between the pads he was raw. We prepared an enclosure to keep him out of the sand as much as possible and settled him in to recover. Once his foot healed, we were able to move him into an enclosure next to Luna. We’re hoping that Bogie’s stunning good looks and amazingly gentle personality will win Luna’s heart over. She’s not accepted anyone since her bonded mate Yiska passed several months ago. Stay tuned for updates on Bogie and his new life at Shy Wolf Sanctuary! Early January 2018, Jasper decided he didn’t want to live with Crystal anymore, so she moved in with Bogie and they are getting along well.

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