Belle Glade 6

A foster home of their own! The move was a success and Apache, Dakota, Bear and Cheyenne are loving their new space.


May 2018

Most of the animals have passed and we just lost Nikita.  Takoda is the only one living at the sanctuary.

They have all been cared for with lots of love.


May 2015

It’s been just over a year now and four of these guys will make their final transition Saturday, July 11 to a permanent foster home. It’s been a tremendous undertaking with a huge commitment from Shy Wolf Sanctuary and our volunteers. The fence will be put in place and the giant malamutes (previously mislabeled as wolfdogs) will receive a vet check and vaccinations before the big move.

At least 4 transport vehicles big enough for their crates and enough volunteers to assist will transport the 100-140 lb animals. And yes, their summer dipping pools will be transported too!  We can’t wait to watch them explore their new 35’x80′ homes.

Takoda and Nikita will remain at Shy Wolf Sanctuary, while Apache, Dakota, Bear and Cheyenne start a new wonderful life!

Stay tuned for the big move date!


May 2014

Sadly, the owner of this wolfdog pack passed away and the pack could not live with the owner’s family members. Our incredible volunteer team traveled to Belle Glades, FL and transported them back to Shy Wolf Sanctuary. Medical attention, food and lots of love were given to them and their behavior was evaluated to determine if they could be adopted into proper homes. Two of them will be staying permanently at Shy Wolf as they’ve joined our packs quite nicely!

In lieu of adoption, we have found a permanent foster home for both pairs.  They will be living side by side in large enclosures designed to keep them safe while giving them the peaceful environment they need. Bear and Cheyenne are supposed to be about 5 years old. Apache and Dakota are around 8-9 years old. Both pairs are very shy at first with the girls being the first to warm up.

We have made tremendous progress with them!

It’s hard to believe how far they’ve all come in the past year.  From terrified animals with skin and eye conditions left untreated to happy healthy playful animals that are beginning to seek our attention and interaction.  We could not have pulled off this major rescue without the support of our volunteers, vets, and most importantly the donations to do it.  Thank you!


From catch poles and sedation to teams who worked to get them vetted, to all of the extra work and time spent with them daily by our volunteers trying to convince them we meant them now harm…to having to hire a Naples fence company to travel 1.5 hours to Punta Gorda because no one up there seemed to want to work…our volunteers never gave up on finding the right situation and permanent home for these four.


If you want more information or photos on any of the animals needing homes across the country, please visit Wolfdog Rescue at to see their bios. Think you’re prepared to adopt a wolfdog? To receive an adoption application, please email

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