WOLFDOG – 8 month old male – ADPOPTED!  09/14/22

*Info provided by vet tech & rescue contact*
Hi everybody! My name is Arrow and I’m a handsome 8 month old male wolfdog. I got out last night and unfortunately I was hit by a car, but thankfully no major injuries were sustained and I’m receiving great care at the vet currently! My dad loves me and is paying for recovery, but ultimately would like to find a forever home for me that is more equipped for wolfdog containment as I’m a young explorer and expert escape artist!
I’m very curious, but timid as this is very common with most wolfdogs like me. I love belly rubs, cuddling, and I even give kisses! Around other dogs I’m submissive and playful, I love people, and I’m even great and gentle with kids! I’m leash trained, not food aggressive, but I am still learning about potty training. Currently I’m not fixed nor up to date on vaccines at this time, but overall I’m very healthy and will be getting current soon to hopefully find my new home!
They tell me I’m a mid content wolfdog so I can be more outgoing as I get older with the right person, but I will be more of an emotional and shy boy overall compared to a lower content wolfdog. Mid contents like me can often be brought into the house although chewing may be a problem, but my dad says I’m great and not destructive when bored or left unattended!
Due to my nature I need to be placed in a home with secure fencing and containment as I can get out VERY easily of most fences and may need housing more suited for a higher content individual such as a six-sided kennel. As I get older I may need to live outside due to my intelligence and ability to test containment, but with the right person I’m sure I could adjust well and become a couch potato in no time as I love to cuddle! I would need a lot of activity and exercise due to my inquisitive nature if kept inside and would love an owner that took me on long hikes or daily runs!


NOTE:  We are attempting to assist in placement of this dog.  He is not at Shy Wolf and any placement will require our normal screening process for placement including backgrounds, property ownership, references, and home visit.