Apollo (Ambassador)



In January 2021 we received an emergency rescue request for Apollo.  We were contacted through Facebook, text, and email in an effort to save this sad dog who had escaped and killed some ducks.  The owner was fearful of retribution towards him over what is a normal prey drive behavior.


Missy Reiter Fielding who runs Heaven’s Gate Sanctuary for Seniors offered to drop everything and transport Apollo from the East coast to Naples on the West coast.  The very same day we received the urgent request, we were receiving Apollo into our quarantine area. He was such a sad boy who still was very grateful for attention, love, and above all else…FOOD!  Our staff and volunteers went into high drive feeding him, rubbing coconut oil on his itchy skin, and giving him medicated baths.


Apollo needed a lot of care with our vet once we got him in our care. He battled horrible ear infections which he became resistant to the medicine and resulted in having both ear canals completely removed. He is 100% deaf now but that doesn’t stop him from being a joyful, playful, ambassador! He lives with Dancer and the two of them make the perfect ambassadors for our visitors to come and interact with! You can find Apollo and Dancer running around together, playing with toys, or simply enjoying pets from staff and volunteers.


We can only answer the call for Apollo and the others still out there like him with YOUR support.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for enabling us to rescue these special souls through your donation today!


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