On Memorial Day weekend 2014, Shy Wolf Sanctuary rescued Apache and 5 other Wolf-Dogs from Central Florida.  The owner of these animals had died un-expectantly and left no plans for them.  The family, who took care of the animals, spent over 8 months looking for placement for them, when Shy Wolf Sanctuary stepped in to help.


With over 20 volunteers, 2 veterinarians and several vehicles, Shy Wolf Sanctuary volunteers were able to do a complete medical exam on every animal except for one who wouldn’t take to the sedation.  All of the animals were unsocial, never had been on a leash and most were too shy to handle without sedation.  It was a huge undertaking and with the support of many, we are happy to have all the animals safe and healthy on our property at Shy Wolf Sanctuary.


Apache is the largest of the animals rescued.  The volunteers had trouble sedating him during the rescue.  We could see that he had some eye issues going on and it was going to be a challenge trying to look at them.  Because we couldn’t get close to him yet, he has received antibiotics at the sanctuary and his eyes are looking better.  Apache has come a long way since his time at the sanctuary and he sometimes will walk right by you for a quick pet.


Apache was part of the Belle Glade 6 pack and crossed the Rainbow Bridge November 13, 2015.


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