Shy Wolf Sanctuary | Kalo Dingo at Shy Wolf Sancctuary
Kalo, Dingo, Shy Wolf Sanctuary
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Kalo is Lola’s brother from the next year. His grandparents came over directly from Australia. Kalo’s father (Bear) was separated from his mother (Melbourne) by an 8’ fence during breeding season. That was not enough, however, to deter a dingo with only one thing on his mind!

Kalo was originally being fostered in South Carolina and started having problems with his male companion. That’s when we were contacted about the possibility of “fostering” him. Lola was in need of someone to keep her company during the day. We agreed that if they could arrange transport down we would foster, knowing it was unlikely he would ever be rehomed once he arrived.

Since his arrival, Kalo has really blossomed. We weren’t sure how he would be with strangers since he’d had a lot less socialization early on than Lola. Actually, Kalo is much more outgoing than his sister and seems to even be a social butterfly. He knows nothing about personal space bubbles and climbs right up in laps to give everyone kisses.

Dingoes are considered nuisance animals in Australia and are hunted, trapped, and poisoned. Many people are trying to change the common perception of these highly intelligent and independent animals, including Kalo & Lola. While Lola led the way in Search and Rescue by learning and becoming certified to be a Human Remains Detection dog, Kalo shows a natural talent for Tracking & Trailing. He really perks up when he finds a trail to follow!



Dingo, Kalo