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Shy Wolf Sanctuary Coyote Amaya
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We were contacted about Amaya several years ago when she was about 18 months old. Her owner was moving and couldn’t take Amaya. Another lady tried taking her in, but she had no fenced-in yard for Amaya and felt she needed more room to run. During that time, however, Amaya slept on the bed with her young son. Amaya’s breeder told us she is a wolfdog and was born on April 19.  Amaya doesn’t look like any of the wolfdogs we have seen come through Shy Wolf Sanctuary. She does, however, look very similar to the coyotes we’ve had, past and present. Another rescuer told us she had seen the parents of Amaya and that the father was, in fact, a wolf, but the mother was a coyote-husky mix. Amaya certainly looks like she could indeed be that combo –curled tail, small feet, conformation and coloring.

Whatever else she may be, Amaya is a real sweetheart and has an amazing connection to individuals with autism. We’ve had people with autism come through and not react to any animal EXCEPT Amaya on their visit. Somehow she brings certain people out of their world and into hers.

The perfect home for Amaya would be as an only pet (other animal aggression noted), with a family that has kids (especially an autistic child). In the interim, we are endeavoring to set up a program with the Autism Society or a school where Amaya can be a therapy dog. Amaya has now become “middle aged” while waiting on her forever family but could still have many good years left with her family. She has the energy and attitude of a young dog and deserves to spend whatever time she has left loving and being loved in a home environment.



Amaya, coyote, Donate, female, Sponsor