Shy Wolf Sanctuary | Future
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Our Future

Shy Wolf is currently located in Nancy and Kent’s backyard…literally! We are on 2.5 acres, of which about 1.5 is available for our use. No one who visits would ever imagine what we’ve been able to accomplish in such a small space!

Since 1998, Kent and Michael have built 15 new enclosures with the largest encompassing 2,400 square feet. We have used up every inch of space available and want to build a much larger facility benefiting our residents and guests alike. It will incorporate all of the best aspects of our current location while improving on habitats and features thanks to all we’ve learned in this journey.

To help sustain our cause and care for the animals, our goal is to move to a new facility with more than enough acreage for our animals. For more information on our move and how YOU can help the cause, email us at or donate today!